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Go Baby!
Hempcar Drivers
Grayson Sigler Grayson Sigler: Project Admin. Grayson is a pianist, inventor, mechanic, farmer, publisher, and eco-activist. Grayson and Kellie are currently managing the Symbionic farm in Hampton, VA., located about 2 1/2 hours from Monticello. He and Kellie research and develop greenhouse designs, hydroponic growing methods, cruelty-free organics (veganics), biofuels, solar energy, and fuel-efficient engine design.
Kellie Sigler Kellie Sigler: Network Admin., Web Master. Kellie is also a writer, researcher, farmer, and animal rights activist.
Hempcar Support
Scott B Scott Belbin is a NASA engineer. He's devoted many hours to insuring that Hempcar will make its 10,000 mile tour without any problems. So far Scott has rebuilt the drive train, inspected the whole car, and painted the car. The Hempcar crew is reassured by the care Scott has given the car.
Todd Todd Swearingen (Appal Energy): Fuel Processor.
Scott Scott Fur: Media Director.
Chuck Chuck Ruchalski: Photographer.
Alex Alexander B. Nuttall: Administrative Support. Alex is the creator and publisher of Ogfomk Arts Magazine. Alex is a long time political grassroots activist. He has devoted much of his time to studying philosophy especially Buddhism.
Hempcar Patrons
Matthew HempWorld, Inc. was founded by Matthew T. Huijgen (40 yrs.) a multi-cultural and multi-lingual (7+) individual, born, educated and raised in the Netherlands until the age of 22. He completed his Masters in Business Administration at the university of Amsterdam while living in France, Spain and the US. Matthew was instrumental in the startup of three businesses in California, he is a member of MENSA international and he was also active in selecting the Pentium name for Intel corporation. Matthew is currently active as consultant, investor, and CEO of HempWorld, Inc.
Hempcar Support
Hempcar is the creation of Grayson Sigler and Kellie Ogilvie. While researching alternative fuels for use in our Mercedes diesel we came across hemp oil. We soon realized that hemp was the crop best suited for use as an engine fuel. When we set out to acquire the hemp oil we discovered it sold for $40/gal due to prohibition. After researching the laws we found that there is no reasonable argument for the prohibition of hemp. (Hemp has no psycho-active properties and is not a drug.) It appears that in the 1930s hemp prohibition was foisted on us by an industrial cabal intent on dominating the emerging fuel and fiber markets. We then determined we would begin a campaign to raise awareness about this multi-faceted crop: HEMPCAR WAS BORN!